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Update on Trial   Tōko Aoyama


I would like to update everyone around the world about the status of the trial.


Since 2010, when my book was published, I have been sticking to the truth of the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123, and as a result of steadily continuing detailed investigations, I was able to release five books to the world. In addition, I met Mrs. Kibi, a bereaved family member, and was aware of the strong desire to request a re-investigation.

On March 26, 2021, two bereaved families have finally begun a trial in the Tokyo District Court to file a request for the disclosure of raw data held by Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.


My book was submitted to the court as evidence in the trial.


We must not forget the Japan Airlines Flight 123 crash for the sake of future children.


We believe that the objective facts must be presented in this trial, and the argument based on those facts will surely win.


It should also be noted, at the direction of Mr. Yoshiharu Ueki, Chairman of Japan Airlines, some JAL employees slandered Tōko Aoyama and spread rumors with unfounded content. It was also JAL that manipulated the information to the media. Both were discovered by whistle-blowing and reported to outside corporate auditors. JAL tried to discredit a former employee who was trying to find out the truth of the crash that killed 521 people (including the fetus) by a cowardly means. I have to say that JAL has abandoned its role as a public transport company. The act of concealment by Chairman Ueki, using the status of a large company, can deceive people, but it does not work in court. If it works, the Japanese judiciary will collapse.


We sincerely appreciate the cooperation and support of all sensible people.



Let me provide you with some more details about the trial.



Mrs. Motoko Kibi, Japan Airlines Flight 123 bereaved family

Mrs. Kazuko Ichihara, the bereaved family of the co-pilot of Japan Airlines Flight 123



Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.


The point


In 2018 and 2020, two plaintiffs requested Japan Airlines to disclose the records of Japan Airlines Flight 123 for viewing. The answer from Japan Airlines at that time is as follows.


Excerpt from Japan Airlines response

"Disclosure refusal"

Reason: The information recorded on the flight recorder and voice recorder does not correspond to personal information. According to ICAO Annex 13 such information should not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of investigation by the accident investigation agency. If you want to hear the co-pilot's voice, the bereaved family can listen to it in other ways such as on a DVD on the Internet.


Proceedings of the bereaved family

Neither Japan Airlines nor Boeing Inc. of the United States have been prosecuted for the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123, and no trial has been held. To this day, no one has taken criminal liability for the deaths of 520 people. The rationale for the unilaterally published accident investigation report is questionable, and there are many doubts about the authenticity of the conclusions. Therefore, the proceedings were filed to disclose the information to the bereaved family who have the right to confirm the raw data as it is and to listen to and view it.


Complaint by a lawyer representing the bereaved family

There is credible new evidence that this accident investigation report is inadequate. Japan Airlines is required to disclose raw data in accordance with Article 13 of the Constitution of Japan, the Personal Information Protection Law, and the Information Disclosure Law.



March 26, 2021 Submitted complaint (Over 100 pages) to the Tokyo District Court

   At the Tokyo District Court Judiciary Club, lawyers representing the plaintiffs held a press  conference.

 May 17, 2021 /The date for the first oral argument was set to June 28.

 June 21, 2021 /The answer letter arrives from a lawyer representing Japan Airlines. 

( with only 9 pages.)

The main points of the answer

☆ In the first place, the plaintiff does not have the right to request disclosure of the Data.

☆I acknowledge the existence of Tōko Aoyama's literature and judicial precedents.

   For the accident investigation report, the entire company will cooperate with the investigation.

☆This data does not correspond to personal data or personal information, so it is not necessary to disclose it.

☆ The domestic contract of carriage does not state that information will be disclosed, so there is no need to do so.


June 28, 2021 The first oral argument was held.

Submitted a video message of Mrs. Kibi.


 Future claims

Mrs. Ichihara has been burdened with the cause of the accident for many years, worried that it might be a mistake in the operation of the co-pilot's younger brother. Mrs. Kibi has lost her husband and has long wondered why her husband had to die. Some eyewitness testimonies contradict the conclusions of the Accident Investigation Commission. These are highly credible, and disclosure of raw data will help clarify the cause of the crash and clarify the plaintiff's long-standing doubts. In recent years, judicial precedents have decided to allow the disclosure of information on the dead.


 Contents of the literature approved by the Japan Airlines agent in this proceeding。


Works by Tōko Aoyama

  • New facts about Japan Airlines Flight 123 crash-the truth comes from eyewitness testimony

  • Overturning the pressure bulkhead theory of the Japan Airlines Flight 123 crash

  • Japan Airlines Flight 123 crash: Aircraft wreckage relics tell the truth


Japan Airlines has approved the work of Tōko Aoyama. But in the first place, Japan Airlines said it would not disclose the information to the plaintiffs because it was not necessary to disclose it. In other words, Japan Airlines agents avoided directly denying the cause of the accident. Because, in order for Japan Airlines to criticize different causes of the crash, it has to prove these by itself. Therefore, Japan Airlines submitted a domestic contract of carriage issued in 1985, stating the simple reason that it is not listed here.


★The date for the second oral argument was September 13, but it was postponed due to the obstruction of the proceedings against the plaintiff by Japan Airlines.

★The postponed second oral argument date took place on October 18.
The third oral argument was held on December 6th.

This is a photo of the press conference at the Tokyo District Court press conference.
Five books by Toko Aoyama are lined up on the stage.
Hiroshi Miyake, a lawyer holding her book in one hand, explains that her vertical stabilizer was destroyed by an 11-ton explosive-free missile.
This is also explained in the picture of the accident aircraft in one hand.

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