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The points of the mission

Our purpose
The purpose is to eliminate aircraft accidents that are presumed to have been caused by military failures that are still occurring around the world.

● In aircraft accidents, the truth is often buried in the darkness due to concealment between governments, and it is our goal to tell the truth to the world.

● Therefore, the souls of 520 of the world's largest casualties cannot be ascended unless the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 is revealed.

The biggest point is that the "abnormal external impact point" landed on the vertical stabilizer. As a result, it became clear that the vertical stabilizer was blown off and the rear pressure bulkhead was destroyed. In addition, looking for criminals at the detective novel level, whether in the Self-Defense Forces or the US military, should be avoided.
●Plan from now on
Full support for Mrs. Kibi, plaintiff
Pull up aircraft debris such as the vertical stabilizer that is sinking in Sagami Bay
Raise public opinion and conduct a re-investigatio
What we can do is "don't give up".

★Occupations of members of this association

Lawyers, university professors, researchers, pilots, musicians, opera singers, experienced accident investigators, teachers, doctors, etc. General supporters
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